Become the focus of the Tweed Run
Tweed Run is a cycling sport that originated in London, England in 2009. It was initially sponsored by Rugby Ralph Lauren. Participants requested dress in a retro look, and ride a retro bicycle around the city. The key to winning the game does not speed, but dressing. Contrast who wears good looks is the purpose of Tweed Run. If you want to participate in retro riding and become the focus of the crowd, how should you dress up? Tweed suit The Tweed Run is a bicycling race that wearing tweed, which is a textile technique of traditional woolen fabric, with a herringbone pattern, fishbone pattern, houndstooth, small squares. Tweed suit, vest, and pants are the core of the Tweed Run. Ladies can dress the tweed jacket and the retro long skirt if they feel that the tweed suit is too manful. White shirt How does a pile of gray tweed suits create a layered look? The secret is to wear a white shirt inside. But you can also wear a plaid shirt inside. Fair Isle Vest What is the Fair Isle? Women on Fair Isle in Scotland dyed sweaters and dyed with local plants as dyes, forming the Fair Isle pattern that is still widely used today. British Edward VIII wearing a picture of the Fair Isle sweater, making Fair Isle's Jacquard sweater a classic British style, and swept the whole century. So the Tweed run that originated in the UK is indispensable to this classic pattern. It can be worn with a white shirt. Bow tie Choose a silk bow tie with a vintage print or a tweed run bow tie. And ladies can choose to replace the bow tie with a silk scarf. Stockings The traditional attire should be a long-sleeve stocking, paired with cropped trousers or trousers in a pair of socks. Hat Tweed cap, Beret Cap and flat cat are good choices. Shoes Carved oxford shoes are standard, Derby shoes and Lok Fu shoes are also one of the choices. Lok FU is more comfortable and casual to wear. Booties or Mary Jane shoes are chosen for ladies. Glasses Round Glasses is the best choice! Choose a classic metal frame with a thin shell or a solid wood frame with a slightly thicker frame. Gloves Wear gloves that made of tweed and leather and the wrists should be adjusted with snaps and holes. The rest detail As a nobleman, special attention should be paid to the details. Such as armbands, brooches, and pocket squares. Retro props Bring a retro camera, suitcase, pipe, or other accessories to enhance the retro style. At last,your bike! First of all, this is not the Tour de France, so the vehicles such as dead fly and mountain bikes should be automatically disappear during this race. The following retro-style bicycles are the protagonists of the Tweed Run. And, decorate your car to make you look different. Or you can try a bicycle like this to make sure you are in focus. Retro riding is not only a taste and hobby of clothing but also a way of life. People are chasing a faster pace of life which not environmentally friendly, and the dressing lack of subtlety and classic beauty. Wearing in vintage and riding a vintage bicycle, enjoy a slow pace of life to make it more environmentally friendly.