AKT On Demand Transformation is hands down the best way to start your AKT journey or take it to the next level! AKTransform gives you the tools you need to kick-start your body and mind into a life-sustaining transformation. The AKTransform 8-week program combines fitness and nutrition assessments, weekly coaching, and workout plans to get you the best results possible. The AKTransform program includes: - 2-month AKT On Demand Subscription - Fitness Assessment - Nutrition Assessment - 8-week Guided Workout Plan - Weekly newsletters and electronic reference tools - Trainer Concierge Customize your AKTransform with Live Video Private Training, Meal Plans, Food Journaling, Nutrition Coaching and more! See actual client results and get more information with your downloadable brochure below! For questions regarding this program, please reach out to ondemand@theakt.com