Ultra Max / Ultimate Pre-filled Pods JUUL Compatible | AceVaper Canada's Online Vape Store
The Ultra Max Pre-filled Pods are intended for use with the Juul Ultra Portable System and the OVNS JC01 Ultra Portable System. These pod systems are available in 50 milligrams salt nicotine and come in 6 different flavors: Triple Threat: Strawberry Coconut Pineapple Perfect Peach: White Peach Gummy Melon Bomb: Watermelon / Cantaloupe / Honeydew Kool Grape On Ice: Grape drink with Menthol Blue Crush: Blueberry Lemonade Apple Squared: Red Apple + Green Apple The Ultra Max Pre-filled Pods do not have temperature control. If the pod is empty, or you chain vape on it, you may experience a dry hit.