Online Negativity & Life Being Too Short | The Curvaceous Vegan
I love being online, one of my favourite things is to be able to participate in blog chats, support others, like ach others tweets, make people feel better when they're down. In the last few months however there has been this awful lingering cloud over it and I'm just kind of wondering what the bloody hell has happened to the community I love the most! I know that not everyone is going to get on with everyone, and that is natural, but honestly this negativity has honestly got to stop. Not everyday is going to be a great one, I mean I know that better than most to be perfectly honest. I've been a bit of a grump lately, not as positive as I could have been lately, but it's just one of those things unfortunately, life gets in the way, just gotta try to look at the positives. This post isn't about throwing anyone under the bus, it's just me having a little rant about how I've been feeling and what I plan to do from now on. We aren't in the school playground anymore, we are fully grown