Online Belly Dance Classes
----------------- Use BROWSE in the top menu to sort classes into Drop-In Classes, Workshops, Courses and other categories. * * * * * * * * * * N E W * T H I S * M O N T H : * ISOLATION DRILLS FOR BALANCING ACTS - fluid moves, with Neon, 45 min. * SHIMMY BURST - adding shimmy to belly dance hipwork and footwork combinations, with Neon 45 min. * SWIRLING, GLIDING BELLY DANCE MOVEMENT - with and without the veil - intermediate class with Neon 70 min. ----------------- is an online belly dance school offering intermediate-advanced workshops, classes and belly dancing courses with focus on precision technique and professional performance skills. Start your free 3-day trial or a $25 monthly subscription today, take as many classes as you wish, learn how-to belly dance like a pro, and practice anywhere / anytime. Most of our classes are Intermediate / Advanced or Open Level Belly Dance. We have only one section of Beginner Belly Dance classes and Courses.