Saka® CORE Fit Unlock Your Joy with Patrice!
Welcome to the Saka ® CORE Fit channel. On this channel, Patrice gets to the CORE of what really unlocks a women's JOY through Health, Beauty (natural hair growth from the inside out), and Lifestyle. She uses Christ-centered online classes that aim to unlock your JOY. The classes include her Saka® Belly Dance fit (for all levels), Saka® Stretch and Meditation (prayer for healing) and Saka® Lifestyle videos. Saka ® Lifestyle videos offer advice from Patrice beyond what she shares on Youtube and it, includes weight loss, beauty secrets and words of encouragement from Patrice that will transform your life. She even shares how she gets"Camera Ready" from her book, which includes how to lose 8 pounds in 8 days. So, if you love Patrice D'Evans on YouTube you will love this channel. Patrice goes deeper, than she does on YouTube, into explaining things that help with hair growth and retention, health, and lifestyle. You'll be transformed Body, Mind, and Spirit! Enjoy dancing and interacting with Patrice D'Evans.