Roger Waters Shines On Stripped Down "Money" Demo Record
Dark Side Of The Moon Rehearsal Session, 1972 Recorded in a stopgap recording studio in Roger Waters' greenery enclosure shed, Pink Floyd's "Money" had truly humble beginnings. The melody's "bluesy, transatlantic transoceanic" feel that came to star on 1973's Dark Side Of The Moon just came to fruition after a few demos cut by the band, starting with this fantastically stripped-down demo recorded by Roger Waters, highlighting only Waters' voice and an acoustic guitar on which the establishment for "Money" was laid. Fun Fact: To date, Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon has sold more than 34 million duplicates around the world – that is a great deal of cash! While Roger's demo is somewhat no frills contrasted with the full studio treatment that "Money" later got for Dark Side Of The Moon, it's quite great; much is said in regards to Waters' commitments to Pink Floyd and his part in a portion of the band's greatest hits as both an artist and musician, however there's no preventing that
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