Injury updates; Vick says Giants are poor sports - Philly
Andy Reid was happy with the result, of course, but was less happy with how his team played to get into a 31-10 hole for more than three quarters. He called the Eagles’ victory, “one of the all-time great games in NFL history right there." “For three-plus quarters there, we weren’t very pretty,” Reid said. “That part bothers me as the head football coach. We will go back and learn from our mistakes and get the things that we need to better.” “We didn’t play very well for three quarters and we need to figure that out. … I’m not sure any of this can sit there and can say we painted a beautiful picture. That’s not where we will be at.” What Reid was lauding, however, was his team’s determination and poise. “Those are hard things to coach,” Reid said. “They showed that yesterday, both coaches and players. They all worked together to figure it out and get it right. We were fortunate enough to have time to do that. A big heart, that part’s tough to coach. You either have that or you don’t. This group has that." Reid, often criticized for his failing to make good adjustments, said among the issues the Eagles are facing is that teams are trying different things to stop Michael Vick, things the Eagles haven't seen them do on tape. “I think we’re making good adjustments as players and coaches,” Reid said. “I’d like to do that sooner rather than later. We’re getting some unique looks. … It’s hard to put on another tape and see teams do what they do with Michael. They change things up. They throw you a little bit of a curveball so you have to make adjustments.” The Eagles have allowed 30 passing touchdowns this season, a franchise record. “That’s an area we have to do better in,” Reid said. “We’ve got some young guys playing in there that week now will get better every week. We try to put them in position to make plays.” The Eagles' d will start two rookie seventh-round picks, middle linebacker Jamar Chaney and safety Kurt Coleman, this coming week against Minnesota.