Myers speaks about his injury
According to Brett Myers, hip surgery is likely, and the question is when. “From what I gather from our team doctor and our head trainer, surgery will happen at some point whether it’s now or after the season,” he told the Inquirer this evening. Though the Phillies have not specified which hip specialist Myers will see, indications are that it could be Bryan T. Kelly, the specialist from the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York who performed second baseman Chase Utley’s hip surgery last November. ``I am going to explore every option I need to,” Myers said. “Keep pitching, but if he tells me, `It’s over, you need to have (surgery) now or you could cause damage,’ I will have it. I have to. It’s a no brainer. If he tells me rehab and anti-inflammatory medicine will take care of it, I’ll pitch through.” Myers, of course, is a free agent after this season, but isn’t thinking about that now. ``I’m not thinking about the future. I want to pitch this season,” he said. He said that he was doing his best to calmly weigh his options. ``Once you get over being upset, reality sets in and you have to be realistic and make a decision. I’m trying to weed out the pros and cons of what I can do. But if (Kelly) says have the surgery now, I will. If I have surgery now I hope to be back in September.' Earlier today, we speculated whether the hip problem has made Myers an inconsistent pitcher this year, and here’s what he said: ``this has been bothering me as long I can remember. I never knew what it was. It just became unpitchable this season.'' ***