What Andy Said, What Andy Meant (post-Redskins II) - Philly
On the Eagles’ slim playoff hopes: What Andy said: ``There’s still light at the end of the tunnel. Obviously, everybody wants to get to the playoffs, and we still have that opportunity.’’ What Andy meant: ``Let's be serious. I’ve got a better shot of hooking up with Beyonce right now than we do of getting into the playoffs.’’ On the fact that his running backs had just 4 second-half carries: What Andy said: ``We probably could’ve run it a couple of more times. We probably could’ve stuck with it a little more.’’ What Andy meant: ``Uh, what if I told you I actually called 15 more running plays, but Donovan audibled out of them?’’ On all of the drops by Eagles receivers: What Andy said: ``That did surprise me. We didn’t hang on to it as well as we needed to.’’ What Andy meant: ``The next time I consider taking a tight end from Rutgers, would somebody please slap me? On the last pass to Reggie Brown and whether he should’ve been in the end zone when he caught it: What Andy said: ``We told the receivers to make sure they’re in the end zone in those situations. You want to make sure there’s no question (you’re across the goal line).’’ What Andy meant: ``Reggie’s not the brightest crayon in the box , if you catch my drift.’’ On having to answer the same questions after every loss: What Andy said: ``You guys aren’t very creative.’’ What Andy meant: ``I was really hoping somebody would ask me about my fruitcake recipe, but I guess that’s not going to happen, huh.’’ On any positives in Sunday’s loss: What Andy said: ``There were some good things I saw. In any game, there are some good things and some bad things.’’ What Andy meant: ``Do the Redskins cheerleaders count as a good thing?’’ On the fact that his offense is 2-for-12 in the red zone in the last 3 games: What Andy said: ``We’re looking at that again today. We’ll go back and analyze the last few games on that. We’ve got to do a better job on that, obviously.’’ What Andy meant: ``Since we’ve got no shot at winning the Super Bowl, we’re focusing on helping David Akers win the scoring title.’’