NC - MDR8114 (3G/4G HDD Hybrid AHD/Analogue model) - Neatcom - Wireless Vehicle Solutions
Key features: 4 Channel,H.264,720P/D1/HD1/CIF 3G 4G GPS for optional HDD(up to 2TB)+SD Card(up to 128GB) for saving recording Support Alarm Automatically Channel 1 & 2: AHD CameraChannel 3 & 4: Normal camera Specification: Item: Parameter /// OS: Linux /// Language: Chinese/English/Customized /// Video Compression: H.264 /// OSD: Overlays information such as date time and vehicle ID /// GUI: Graphical User Interface – Setup system parameters with the remote control /// Video Record System: Video Input 4CH 720P AHD input,aviation connector, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω /// Video Output: 1 CVBS, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω,Aviation,Support 1CH Full Screen,4CH Screen /// Preview: Support 1 channel and 4 channels preview.,Support Manual/Alarm Trigger full screen preview /// Resolution: 720P/D1/HD1/CIF, MAX:4 channels of 720P and 4 channels of D1 /// Video Quality: 1-4 levels, 1 is the highest level. /// Video Standard: PAL: 100f/s , CCIR625 line,50field; CIF: 256Kbps ~ 1.5Mbps, 8 level video quality optional; D1: 600Kbps ~ 2.5Mbps, 8 level video quality optional; /// Record Mode: The default setting is auto recording after power on. Timed recording, alarm trigger recording and manual recording are supported. /// Audio: Audio Input 4CH ,Aviation Plug /// Audio Output: 1CH,Aviation Plug /// Compression: G.726 compression, 8KB/s speed /// Alarm Input: 3Ch Alarm Input, kinds of alarm linkage support /// Alarm Output: 1CH Alarm Output /// Position: Support Built GPS/BD Module /// G-Sensor: Support G-sensor /// Storage: Dual SD Card,each max 128GB SD Card loop recording /// Upgrade: Support SD Card updating /// File Format: .H264 /// File System: Special FAT32 File System /// Video Playback: Video Search Search By Record Time/Record Type etc /// Playback: Max support 4CH Replay /Stop/Fast/Slow at same time. /// Voltage & Power: Power Management Wide Voltage.Support Timed/Delay off /// Voltage Input:DC:+10V ~ +36V /// Voltage Output:+12V~2.5A,+5V~2.5A /// Power Consumption: Normal Working