Milkbar is famous not only for the quality of its products but also for their variety. You can choose from 24 types of mouth-watering ice creams and sundaes, floats, mocktails, slushes and juices when you want to chill out. Or pick your favorite pizza, burger, sandwich, wrap or other delicious snack. For chaat-lovers there are generous servings of many favorites. Come party-time and there’s cakes and pastries galore. In addition to more than 200 types of pastries and eight kinds of cakes always available, there 11115 plus designs of cakes to choose from for your loved ones. And that’s not all—there are hand-made cookies, dry cakes, brownies, muffins, rusks, breads (milk, brown, wholewheat, garlic, cheese and sweet), buns, pao, kulche, pizza bases etc.—you name it, we have it.