Belsito Frappato D.O.C. Vittoria - Terre di Giurfo - Mediterraneo Italian Wine Imports
TECHNICAL PROFILE APPELLATION OF ORIGIN: Vittoria D.O.C. (Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guarantied). TYPE OF WINE: Red. GRAPE SOURCE: Licodia Eubea (CT). VARIETAL: 100% Frappato. VINEY ARD YEAR: 1995. YIELD PER HECT ARE: 80 quintals. CULT IVATION SYSTEM: Espallier. PLANTING DENSITY: 4000 / 5000 plants per hectare. HARVEST PERIOD: 2nd / 3nd decade of September. VINIFICATION: In red with skins maceration. FERMENTATI ON TANKS: Stainless-steel, 150 hl. capacity. FERMENTATION TEMPERATURE: 18° / 20°C. AGEING: Refining in stailess-steel. BOTTLING PERIOD: End ofFebruary. MACERATION PERIOD: 8-15 days over skyn. ALCOHOL TENT: 13,00% vol. AGEING CAPACITY: 3 year. TERRIOR ALTITUDE: 500 meters above sea level. MICROCLIMATE: Rainy winters moderate tempera tures, and dry hot summers. SOIL: Medium texture soil to calcareous. ORGANOLECTIC PROFILE COLOR: Deep ruby red. BOUQUET: Intense,persistent, and spiced with accents of wild berries. TASTE: Full bodied an d tannic. SERVING TEMPERATURE: 16 - 18°C. FOOD TO PAIR WITH: Fresh cheeses and cold cutslsalami. Matches well with fish dishes.