How to Dress Fashionably In Your 40s — Whatever is Lovely
How to dress fashionably in your 40's? Hmmmm. To be honest, I never really got asked that question because...Well, if I tell you that I just turned 42 a week ago, will you believe me? Probably not. Modesty aside, it's not new to me. A lot of people think I'm 18-20 years younger than my age. I'll give credit to good genes. *Wink* A lot of women seem to lose interest in dressing up fashionably once they get older. We women tend to lose confidence once we gain a few pounds and acquire lines on our faces. I believe it's all about perception - perception about our age, body, and overall looks. A lot of times, stress plays a huge factor too in the way we dress but it's up to us whether we're going to let that show or not. So how does one dress fashionably in their 40's? First let's define dressing "fashionably". Dressing fashionably doesn't always mean you have to dress in the latest styles and trends. Dressing fashionably can just mean that you're able to put clothing pieces together that provides an outcome that you feel confident in that also looks nice on you overall.