Join Our Team - SciTech Internship: International Crop Groups Database - The Good Food Institute
GFI Science and Technology Department Internship: International Crop Groups Database Primary GFI Mentor: Erin Rees ClaytonDuration: At least 40 work hours.Start date: FlexiblePurpose: The goal of this project is to develop a database that includes organizations representing the interests of various crops in the US and abroad. GFI has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with the American Pulse Association and the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council. Yet there are many other crop associations with whom we have not connected, not just in the US but globally. The initial advantages of identifying and reaching out to these organizations are (1) to educate them on GFI’s work and how plant-based meat, egg, and dairy applications could become an end-use focus for their respective crop; and (2) to learn about each organization’s current research priorities and funding opportunities. Activities: Identify a list of crops we are most interested in exploring, due to their potential for serving as a source for plant-based meat. Create a spreadsheet that organizes the variables we want to collect for each organization (location, website, primary contact, etc.) and begin collecting data. Identify organizations representing the crops in our list and compile relevant information on them. Learning Objectives: The intern will learn about plant-based meat production, the agricultural systems that support it, and the interest groups that could play a role in transforming the food system. This internship is an unpaid position.