“I lost one Hasan and gained a thousand Hasans”
Hasan Ocak’s mother, 82-year-old Emine Ocak, who received rough treatment in the attempt to arrest her at the Saturday Mothers’ 700th weekly sit-down, has spoken to Cumhuriyet. Ocak said, “It hurt with the police pulling me in opposite ways, but it grieved me to see my children being beaten up on the ground. While looking around at that moment, I said, ‘I lost one Hasan and gained a thousand Hasans’.” Saying, “I have asked for justice there for years. I have not killed or harmed anybody,” Ocak asks, “Why did they do this to us? Let President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan and Süleyman Soylu give me the answer to this. On which day did we hurt an ant?” Ocak also says that she will be in Galatasaray again next week.