OBD2 Brand Introduction
OBD2 Brand Introduction There are many obd2 brand of Vehicle diagnostic tool all over the world ,some of them are so famous that many people dash to buy or share with each other because many car dash into market,more and more people have own their cars,DIY scaner become many owner loves so we will intorduce some of obd scanner to you No.1 Autel Autel is a famous car diagnostic brand offer a full line of automotive diagnostic tools: basic OBDII code readers Autolink AL319; full-featured OBDII scan tools, AL419, AL439, AL519, AL539, AL619, and MaxiDiag Elite MD701, MD702, MD703, MD704, MD801, MD802, and comprehensive diagnostic tool MaxiDAS® DS708, Maxisys MS908 also include other new emerging diagnostic tools, such as MaxiTPMS, TS401, TS404 and reset tool OLS301, EPB (Electrical Parking Brake) service tool, 4-in-one auto computer and more. No.2 Xhorse Xhorse tools are mainly used to diagnosis and correct mileage; they work with a wide selection of brand car makes, such as: BMW, VW,