MaxiDiag Elite Autel MD802 All system Reviews
MaxiDiag Elite Series Autel MD802 All system Reviews According to Autel Owner Feedback,Original Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Receive good order. Nice box to keep it in as well. The tool is made solidly . OS requirement: The tool does NOT support Apple computers. You will need a Windows PC to update. Update and register: The first thing you need to do is update the unit to the newest software releases. This is done online. In order to update, you must first register your product. The needed "serial number" is on a sticker on both the box and also on the back of the unit. You will also need the "register password." This is NOT something you make up. This is a six digit number IN THE TOOL's "Setup/ about" screen (see p. 15, Figure 3.6 in the User's Manual). You will need to turn the tool on, then press "Setup" and then press "About" to get to the screen with the information you need. To turn the unit on requires external power. Easiest is to connect the included USB cable to a powered