How To Use OBD2 Scanner?
How To Use OBD2 Scanner? As we konw,All OBD2 scanners have different instructions attached to them but, in general, these are the steps to follow to use an average OBDII scanner: How to use OBD2 scanner Connecting The Scanner To The Vehicle There would be a connector port located right in the driver's compartment of your vehicle. Connect your OBD2 code reader to that port. Then, don't start the engine but turn on the key. You will see the scanner prompt you for different kinds of information like the VIN number of your vehicle, model, make, and engine type. You would also be offered several instructions on the screen. Follow these instructions and insert the information that is being asked. Understanding the Codes This is part where you get to explore the menu choices and understand what trouble codes are available. If you have bought an affordable OBD scanner, you would only get a code that looks random. Look to your manufacturer's manual to find out what it means. If you have spent