How to use Autel Maxidas DS708
Autel MaxiDAS ® DS708 setup: Step 1: Insert the Memory Card Make sure the SD Memory Card is inserted properly into the MaxiDAS DS708 card slot. 1. Insert the SD memory card with the metal contacts facing down and pointing toward the tool. 2. Remove the card and insert it again if the DS708 SD card is not mounting properly. Note: Do not force the SD card into the card slot. This may damage the card slot. Step 2: Connect the Hardware Model& Power Supply To provide power to this unit, use an external power supply or simply connect Autel Maxidas ds708 unit to a vehicle with a communication cable. Press the power button once and wait until the system boots up. After a brief moment, the MaxiDAS Diagnostic Platform displays and the ds708 is now ready to operate. See Chapter 4 on page 10 to assist you to find the DLC on your vehicle. Note: Autel Maxidas ds708 scan tool does not have a battery and can not be charged, make sure the unit is connected to a power supply before using the scan