Diagnose LHM on 2006 2500 Sprinter, Xentry scanner or Autel MD802?
Let's start with issues: I've been trying to find the reasons for Limp Mode on my 2006, 2500 Sprinter. I changed the Intercooler hose which was worn and leaking oil around the edges. It improved, but only temporarily. I have more power, but LHM still kicks in when going up steeper hills. I've been doing quite a bit of reading about LHM on this forum and have been wondering if getting a scanner will help me solve the problem. I've seen here that there are quite a few possible causes and many good write-ups about how to diagnose them, but if a scanner will save me time, I will invest in one. I'm not an experienced mechanic, but I want to learn how to make my own repairs. Questions: 1. Will a scanner like iCarsoft DB II pinpoint the problem for me? What can it actually tell me to help find the problem? 2. Even though I replaced the hose, do I need to also "clear" a code before boost will be restored? 3. Can LHM be caused by a slow leak in a radiator? 4. I recently changed