Autel MaxiSys Elite Review
Autel MaxiSys Elite Review: BMW & Mercedes Coding and Programming Just for clarification purposes, and from my own personal experiences, here's some useful info regarding the MaxiSys Elite, which many of you may or may already know about. In order to perform the stated coding and programming abilities on BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you must have a valid and current service subscription through Autel. With the MaxiSys Elite, you get 2 years included free with the purchase of the unit (unless otherwise noted), and I believe 1 year with most of the other Autel models. When your service subscription ends, so does the units ability to perform these specific functions, unless of course you renew. The cost to renew ranges from $1000 to upwards and over $1200 a year, which isn't cheap. The scan tool itself will still work, but it will not allow you to code and program as before. Second, you will need a WiFi (Internet connection) to proceed with the majority of the code and programming