Autel MaxiDas DS808 Review: Autel DS808 Diagnose Honda Ridgeline
Here we share the steps and reviews for your checking: Use Autel DS808 to diangose Honda Ridgeline, Fully scan truck systems, read and clear all DTC codes quickly and OK! How to Use Autel DS808 Diagnose Honda Ridgeline 2006: Step 1: Use the main cable to connect Autel DS808 with truck via the obd2 port. and you can see both the power indicator (left) and vehicle communication indicator (right) on. Step 2: long press the Lock/Power button to turn on Autel DS808 the main menu shows as below, you click " Diagnostics" icon to start According to Honda Brand, click the "Asia" tab to choose "Honda" Step 3: Click "Auto Detect" and DS808 will automatically show you this Honda Ridgeline VIN Click "OK" and you can also view vehicle info, click "Yes" to go on Model year: 2006 Model: RIDGELINE VIN as above Step 4: Choose vehicle region, in this case. it's USA Choose "Diagnosis" and "Auto Scan" function Now Autel Maxidas DS808 starts to scan full systems for Honda Ridgeline And you just