Autel MaxiDAS DS808 Frequently Asked Questions
Autel MaxiDAS DS708 has been discontinued already, Autel MaxiDAS DS808 is designed to replace autel ds708m, it is named as next generation ds708. As almost people should know about the Autel DS708 already, here we do not introduce ds808 with much word. We collect some FAQ about Autel DS808, which frequently asked by our customers. Hope it will help you more or less. Q: Can you use this to program new keys A: Yes you can reprogram keys with this tester Q: can you program the abs module with this A:DS808 can not program the abs module.Only maxisys pro can do it Q: Is it availalable with standard package which has less adapters and cables? A:Yes, we have standard package Autel Maxidas DS808. Q: Is it difficult to register this device? And can it support Spanish? A: Registering the device was easy. You simply go to autel's website and set up an account. Once you do that you take the registration code/passcode from the scan tool and register it on the website. You then make sure that the