Autel MaxiCOM MK908P Test Benz Vehicle
Autel MaxiCOM MK908P Test Benz Vehicle: This is the vehicle current status Connect MK908P with J2534 ECU programming tool and car Enter MaxiCOM MK908P interface Click "Mercedes-Benz" Select "Automatic selection" diagnostic type Reading VIN... Initializing gateway data... The version of Mercedes Benz is V15.00 Enter VIN manually or tap "Read" to acquire VIN then click "OK" Please select the steering: Press button left to select: Left-hand steering Press button right to select: Right-hand steering Press left button Confirm vehicle info shows Click "Yes" to continue There are three functions in the main menu: Diagnosis Hot function Programming Diagnosis Function: Loading system data... Initializing diagnostic system... Click "Auto scan" A list of fault appears on the screen Select anyone fault to diagnose Click "Read code" Read out codes successfully Programming Function: Select "Transmission"->"Control module programming" A prompt message shows on the screen "There are