Autel IM608 Programmed Remote for HONDA Civic 2018
Here comes the step-by-step guide on how to use Autel IM608 program remote for Honda CIVIC 2018. Go to Autel IM608 IMMO software Accept the agreement Honda - Manual selection - Civic - Touch tone smart card Immo status scan Is the ignition on by pressing the start button twice No fault Autel is gonna to add a smart key Registration condition: there are no DTCs there must be one registered keyless remote one keyless remote that is capable of starting the engine must be in the vehicle the ignition switch must be turned on (II) using the keyless remote (the ignition key must not be used) Notes when registering Ensure the following to reduce noise as much as possible during keyless remote registration: Turn off all electrical devices (e.g. navigation and audio systems) Separate the diagnostic tool from the keyless remote as much as possible. Close all doors, windows and sunroofs. Please turn the ignition switch off (Dont press the foot brake and