Autel AP200 Scanner Customer Review on BMW F10 5 series
If it doesn't require a lift or an engine hoist I usually tackle it. I knew Autel had a great reputation for Euro import software and gave it a try. I wanted several of their $400 scanners but I just had issues justifying that expense. Benefit with those is you get tons of makes - downside is you pay for updates (usually at least $150/year). Autel AP200 code scanner was easy to set up and it's really easy to use. It scans tons of modules and gets lots of live data in charts that you can easily manipulate the range, C or F, display type, etc. Example: to change the trans fluid on this car (I don't believe that any automotive fluid is really "lifetime") you have to complete the final fill at a certain operating temp range - this tool will give you real time data. Turbo spool RPM's Engine oil temp Wheel speed sensors (these can cause all sorts of issues with these cars - if you have a bad one you can easily see because all 4 are shown at the same time on the same screen as you drive). It