Vooks - Storybooks Brought to Life
100% safe, ad free, a better form of screen time Vooks is a streaming service that brings children's storybooks to life with animated illustrations and narrated story. Imagine storybooks where the illustrations move, the sounds sound, and the story comes to life! Children can read along, watch, or giggle at will. Vooks is 100% safe for children There's no more worrying if content is safe or not. Our library is filled with stories created specifically for children, and guaranteed kid-friendly. Vooks is 100% ad free There are never any ads on Vooks, so no more worrying what children might be seeing from advertisers. Vooks is a better alternative to screen time Staying true to the original storybook illustrations, the purposeful animations and pacing allow children's imaginations to engage. Instead of fast paced visuals, Vooks slows things down, encouraging focus and attention. The read-a-long aspect encourages children to make connections between the words they see and the story they hear. And, with shorter overall content, Vooks encourages less time in front of the screen. Vooks is designed from the ground up to create a new and better alternative to screen time. Vooks goes with you anywhere Road trips, slumber parties, airplanes, or just the living room - with available offline viewing via the mobile apps, you can take your favorite storybooks with you whether you have an internet connection or not. Vooks' streaming library is always growing Even though a child might watch the same thing over and over again, there will always be new and exciting storybooks for them to discover. Sign up now to receive a free trial.