Music Education For Kids Subscription
Subscribe to receive full access to quality elementary music lessons that can be learned from your home or in your classroom. These videos are designed to offer music education to children that may not have a music class, music teachers who need new ideas, or they may provide that extra bit of music a child loves. Lessons will be incorporating the national music standards, and will be 8-15 minutes long. Children will typically have 30 minutes of quality learning time from watching the lesson, pausing the video to practice what was learned, and then applying the skill that was taught. All lessons are from the same material Mrs. Jessica taught in her music classroom, which earned her teacher of the year at her school. New videos will be added periodically and topics will include: a variety of instruments, body percussion, singing, movement, speaking poems and stories, rhythm, beat, the piano courses, and much more to come. Your subscription also includes an accompanying printable lesson plan that goes along with each video and is easy to follow along as well as the printable workbook for piano.