The ACT Authority Online ACT Prep
The ACT Authority is a monthly subscription based streaming service for ACT tutoring. I’ve taken my ACT tutoring process and broken it all down into short videos that you can watch from any device that has an internet connection. Inside, you will find hundreds of videos, each covering a different topic for the ACT test. Along with each video, there is a concept quiz created to help you sharpen that specific skill. I’ll show you how to study and make the most of your test preparation time. I’ll also show you how to best prepare yourself the week of the test, the day before the test and the day of the test to make sure you are as ready to crush it as you can be. I’ll be adding new content on a regular basis to keep it as up to date with the test as possible. These are examples, strategies and tools that I have used with thousands of students over the past decade. With a little effort, you WILL make a big difference in your score! For $50 a month, you get access to everything. All the videos, all the transcripts, over 1,000 ACT test practice questions (equivalent to more than 5 practice tests) and all the strategies and tools. Whether you need help with the ACT English section, the ACT Math section, the ACT Reading section, the ACT Science section or all the areas of the test, we have you covered. Since it is all broken up by concept and each video is short, study what you want when you want. You can make it fit your schedule and you never have to waste time with concepts you already know. Study smarter not harder! Schools across the country also contract with The ACT Authority to provide this same content to their students and use it in the class room. Institutional use comes with a dramatically reduced per head cost. Our content can be used to create or augment an ACT preparation class or as a study aid for the student body in general. We work with you to create the most cost effective solution for your school’s needs and are glad to assist with implementation of content to ensure the maximum benefit for your student body. In addition, we are glad to help your school create a roadmap for ACT readiness for your students. The goal of The ACT Authority is to help as many students achieve their best score possible. For more information or to get a quote, email us at For more information on the service and myself, visit: All content provided through the subscription is for the private use of the purchaser to prepare for the ACT Exam. Unless otherwise noted, all content is the copyrighted property of The ACT Authority. Any reuse, redistribution or reproduction of any of this material, or any use of this material by any other educator, school or tutor is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. By starting a free trial or purchasing this subscription, you agree to these terms.