JumpSport Fitness TV
SWEAT. BURN. BOUNCE. HAVE FUN! Join us with fun, inspirational & easy to follow workout programs to transform your total body, anytime, anywhere, at every age! JumpSport Fitness — Where Fitness Meets Fun! GLUTES, ABS, ARMS & MORE Bouncing shapes, firms, and tones your glutes, legs, and core all at the same time. Throw in resistance bands or kettlebells and you’ve got a total body workout. Focus in on one area, combine strength training with cardio, or enhance your balance with a wide variety of videos to choose from. MIX IT UP Barre, Dance, HIIT, Resistance, Cardio, Yoga — choose workouts that interest you, or try something new all on your fitness trampoline. PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTORS Our certified fitness instructors know how to have fun. Their enthusiasm is contagious and their tips help the novice or advanced bouncer. WATCH ON YOUR DEVICES + TV Access on your favorite mobile devices, and on your desktop or laptop. Watch on your TV using Apple TV, Roku, or cast your workout from your iOS device to your TV with AirPlay (for Apple TV) or Chromecast. WHAT YOU NEED • JumpSport Fitness Trampoline (any model) • Handle Bar (optional) • Flat Resistance Bands (optional) • Trampoline sox or shoes (optional) • 2 lb, 5 lb, and/or 10 lb Kettlebells (optional) • The drive to bounce, sweat, and have fun! Subscribers get unlimited access to all workout videos as well as new training programs we add regularly.