The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers
Oklahoma songwriter Beau Jennings spent years writing about his boyhood hero and 'Oklahoma's favorite son' Will Rogers, the legendary Cherokee-Indian cowboy, vaudeville performer, newspaper columnist and movie star. As songs accumulated, a plan was hatched to travel the U.S. retracing Rogers' footsteps, performing songs about Will where significant events in his life took place. There was Rogers’ birthplace in Oklahoma; there was New York City where Rogers first became famous; there was the North Slope of Alaska, where Rogers died in a plane crash. From abandoned radio stations in Los Angeles to demolished homes in Arkansas, Jennings chased Rogers’ ghost. Cloaked in heavy atmosphere, conjuring a world part remembered and part imagined, The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers is about trying to understand, process, and ultimately connect with a long lost source of inspiration. It’s a love letter to Jennings’ home state and to the idea of embracing one’s roots as a way of growing up. INCLUDES BONUS MATERIAL Aviation Cinemas Productions presents a Beau Jennings film THE VERDIGRIS: In Search of Will Rogers Written and directed by Beau Jennings Executive Producer Bradley Beesley Music by Beau Jennings Director of Photography Bradley Beesley Edited by Jack Pyland Sound Design by Johnny Marshall Produced by Adam Donaghey & Eric Steele Written and Directed by Beau Jennings Cover Design by Matt Goad 2015 56 minutes Color Stereo Not Rated |