The Right Way (2004)
In Mark Penney's low budget masterpiece, Amy (Karyn Dwyer) and David (Jefferson Brown) are two underachievers from suburbia. Amy has had a rough life raised by her neglectful drug addicted single mother. David has been raised in a more conventional family, but his lack of motivation has driven his father crazy. When Amy meets David it seems they both find what they are looking for. But when Amy gets pregnant, both Amy and David go through a personal and surreal crisis in making choices. Which leads them to decide if they should do it the right way or the wrong way? OFFICIAL SELECTION 2004 VENICE FILM FESTIVAL "THE BIRTH OF A GREAT NEW DIRECTOR" - GLOBE AND MAIL **** 4 STARS - NATIONAL POST Written and DIrected by Mark Penney Karyn Dwyer - Amy Jefferson Brown - David Gloria Slade - Amy's Mom James McGowan - Dad Holly Dennison - Mom Sarain Boylan - Lori Keir Gilchrist - Young David