Barber Training #1 Beginners Tutorial
Grand Master Barber, Paul McGann shares with you his knowledge of barbering in this step-by-step video tutorial. In this video, he explains every inch of the haircut as he talks you through the steps as he cuts. What makes this video teaching experience different than any other, is Paul's ability to speak while cutting hair! There is no voice overs in this video tutorial, just a real life teaching experience. This is a valuable opportunity for you to take the front seat as he goes over the basics of barbering! Paul gives you a unique experience that is going to help you get on in your barbering career while teaching you tricks of the trade in a way that you've never experienced before. Thank you for supporting our desire for teaching. Ps. Although this is titled as a " Beginners Tutorial ", we still would consider it worth while watch for an advanced barber. Everyday is a school day in this trade and you might be surprised to what you could learn.