Little Bit Lavish 'Wakey Wakey' Box Review - November 2016
It's no secret that I have been a HUGE fan of Little Bit Lavish and have fallen totally in love with the their fabulous monthly themes and natural product selection over the past couple of months so after sending me to sleep (in a good way) in October, getting out of bed has become even more difficult over the past few weeks which makes their November Box a sight for sleepy eyes as this months theme is 'Wakey Wakey' and the contents have a very different job to do when you compare them to last months lazy line up, but with the darker mornings and colder nights, I can imagine that even the most regular riser is struggling with their morning duvet battle at the moment which makes me feel a little better about being terrible at waking up as well as going to sleep all year round! In all seriousness though, suffering from M.E. does have a lot of negatives and one of which is tremendous fatigue, and getting out of bed in the morning really is a battle for me so I am very excited to see what the line up of luxury, boutique brands Little Bit Lavish have curated this month have up their sleeves that will not only help persuade me to leave my warm and cozy bed, but will also help uplift and energise me enough to make the fact it is still dark outside a little less painful and the start of my day a little more easy and productive! Little Bit Lavish have perfected the combination of well known and emerging brands in their last two boxes, and they've chosen some amazing products too, making this new Box on the Block a real force to be reckoned with!