Genius Protein
WHEY PROTEIN TRANSPARENT BLEND WITH CASEIN AND WHEY ISOLATE - This is the best of both worlds, combining both slow and fast release to create the best all natural protein powder for muscle building.* THE NEW STANDARD FOR WHEY PROTEIN POWDER IS ORANGE - Best in class quality, advanced science and an all-natural approach, Genius struck gold; Grass fed, post workout perfection.* MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND LEAN BODY MASS - Micellar casein has been show to boost satiety, essentially curbing hunger and cravings while better controlling cortisol, resulting in a better lean body composition.* NATURAL POST WORKOUT MUSCLE BUILDING SUPPLEMENT - If you want an all natural muscle builder that works there’s no need to get fancy -keep it simple, follow science and consume 2 grams of protein per pound of muscle.*