Genius Creatine
TOP NATURAL ANABOLIC POST-WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT - Recharge every cell and build muscle faster with our advanced recovery fusion of german Creapure, creatine HCL and proven strength gainer; Magnapower for lean mass building.* BEST MUSCLE BUILDING SUPPLEMENT FOR MEN AND WOMEN - Our natural creatine complex is designed to boost strength and lean muscle gains with minimal water retention, it’s the smart choice amongst post workout gainer supplements.* BOOST ENDURANCE, STRENGTH AND RAW POWER - Genius Creatine also contains SR Beta Alanine, scientifically proven to enhance muscular endurance so you can crank out more reps. Stack with Genius Pre to gain muscle fast.* ELITE QUALITY FOR PROVEN RESULTS - Our raw ingredients are lab-tested and have been proven through clinical trials, others may say they have the best ingredients, but branded forms are the only universal recognized premium form.*