Fashion trends – 2019: most popular hairstyles for men | Super Hair Styles
In the new season, the main trend is the same: go to extremes! Short hair is shaved off almost bald - the hedgehog is now at the peak of popularity. Long hair, on the contrary, grows to an elongated bean, worn loose, beautifully laying bangs, or tied in a bun. There are also hybrid options. In the new season, this haircut has become even more extreme: shaved temples and neck in combination with long hair at the top of the head. For those men whose appearance is strictly regulated by the dress code, fashion also left a loophole: haircuts Caesar, Canadian or preppy-style are appropriate in the office, but they look trendy. Fashionable men's haircuts for short hair You have short hair, and you want to experiment a little by choosing in the beauty salon not the usual trim a little but a more interesting option. Ultrashort haircut for a typewriter Simply this haircut is called hedgehog. It is so simple and convenient in everyday wear that does not lose popularity for several decades! And