6 Beautiful Hair Style Ideas for Prom Night | Super Hair Styles
1: Side weaving with curls: To get this romantic look for your prom, start by giving volume to the roots of your hair. Then create juicy, textured curls and fasten the side braid behind the ear with hairpins. How to do: Apply an agent for the volume of hair. Separate the hair and braid the braid securing it with a barrette. Using large curlers lay loose curls. Apply hairspray and separate the curls with your fingers. 2: Light waves with side weaving waterfall: Weaving "waterfall" can be an excellent choice for those who want to blow up the prom in their own way. Separate your golden light waves to the side. Then braid braid waterfall securing the end of the braid under the hair. How to do: Start by applying the product for hair volume. using a flat iron, add light waves to the end of the hair. Need to comb smooth hair to create volume Divide hair and braid Secure with hairpins and fix with hairspray. 3: Long split middle curly hair with double weaving: If you think