8 things I did this week #4 - SILVER STORIES
It’s Christmas time in New York, and like always, time is flying by! Tomorrow I fly back to Copenhagen for a 10 day Christmas vacation, and on Saturday, my parents, brother and I are taking the drive down to Switzerland to celebrate Christmas eve with my aunt and uncle who have lived there for +10 years. Very exciting! I am hoping for a ‘real’ Christmas with trips to the mountains and snow. What are your Christmas plans? Here are 8 things I did this week. ♥ Spent two nights Upstate in the Catskills, and it was amazing! I am doing a separate post about the hotel and a small guide for spots to visit if you ever go. ♥ Had dinner and drinks with team Skål — happy to have such a great, fun team at Skål, and of course dinner and drinks were a lot of fun too! It feels like we are one big family