Les Mills Combat - Day 1 - SavvyMujer
One of my pet peeves is that a new exercise program should always start on a Monday. Instead of sitting around and waiting for tomorrow, I decided to start Les Mills Combat program today. As I mention in the video, my starting weight is 160.9… Obviously, not where I want to be anymore and the baseline for this journey of healthy living. My goal for the next 9 weeks is to lose 10%. This will be the first goal as this will put me closer to a healthier BMI and hopefully have a leaner body and a healthy heart. This first week as well, I’m doing the 7 day jumpstart diet. It recommends to eat 1,200 calories.This will be a good test as it’s close to the calories that my resting metabolism burns. I’m also using a Fitbit to track the calories burned… this will be a fantastic journey for sure. Here’s to a great 2013.