Real Motion Workouts
When you subscribe to Real Motion Workouts, you get access to all the videos in the Real Motion™ Dumbbell and Total Fit functional fitness workouts, including demonstrations. You also get access to the new Bear Essentials Natural Movement Fitness Program. Each workout and program is designed to help you be fit for life. With the Dumbbell and Total Fit Workouts, you get over 3 hours of workouts. PLUS you get all the how-to demonstration videos to help you learn the exercises and do them properly so you to have a safe and successful workout and achieve a fit and stronger body. Bear Essentials is an ongoing natural movement skills training program. That means new videos will be posted regularly...with over 60 videos planned and in the works, you will want to stay tuned and learn new skills over time. Learn more about Bear Essentials at The Real Motion™ functional fitness workouts are suitable for almost everyone, beginner to advanced, young or older, women and men. *If you can move, you can exercise. With Real Motion, you exercise at the level you are at now, and as you get stronger and more confident, you increase the effort, intensity and duration. These exercises can be done anywhere with or without dumbbells. With the Real Motion Dumbbell Workout and Total Fit Workout you get 6 sets of exercises, 6 sets of core exercises, a warm up, a cool down, a stretch and cardio set for over 3 hours of exercises. The demonstration videos show you how to do each of the 100 individual exercises correctly so you can learn the exercises before you start the workout. Core strength is a focus of Real Motion, and that’s why half of the workouts are core exercises. These exercises are safe and effective and will help flatten your belly and support your back. Real Motion is to fitness as organic is to food -- good for your health without all the additives. It's not trendy, it's functional fitness that works the way the body supposed to. We exercise because life is motion and we want to have a better quality of life. Find out more at The Dumbbell and Total Fit Workouts are also available on DVD as well as here, so you can workout anywhere you need to. Enjoy. Let us all be fit for life.