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Subscribe today and stream ALL of the films below: THE LIONESS - Two strippers go on the run after stealing money from their club (sexual situations/nudity). THE HADDONFIELD MURDERS - A young woman believes she's being stalked by an ex-boyfriend donning a Michael Myers mask (nudity). TRICK OR TREAT - A group of Youtubers research Smith Grove Hospital, the mental hospital which housed Michael Myers THE SANDMAN - A social worker and a Catholic nun are conflicted on how to deal with a woman who claims to be demon possessed. NUMBERED DAYS - A young woman holes up in her home after the zombie apocalypse hits. MY LAST HALLOWEEN - A young woman believes that she's being stalked by the son of Michael Myers, Stephen Lloyd. THE FRIGHT CLUB - Three sorority sisters spend the night in playing with a Oujia. HELLBENT - Three escorts duel over the possession of a Lamarchand box. THE VAMPIRE WITHIN - A young woman is forced to find food for her vampire roommate. MONEY, VAMPIRES & WEED - Three party girls are carjacked by a woman claiming to be on the run from a vampire. BLOOD MONEY - A vampire is out to get his stolen money from a group of office women. THE CHILLS - A young woman has nightmares of a murder that took place in her home years earlier. DWEEZLE - Two women are holed up inside their home during the zombie apocalypse. BLACK BONE WOODS - A reporter researches the famous zombie story of Black Bone Woods. A PICTURE TO DIE FOR - A photography student taking pics in a graveyard find the inhabitants arising out of the ground... ZOE DIES IN THE END - A zombie movie fan gets overly excited when a real apocalypse hits. HERE LIES BUD - A prostitute tries to aid her pimp after he's bitten by a zombie. MICHAEL MYERS - Two school teachers are being stalked by an ex-boyfriend. THE HAUNTED MIND OF KATIE MARCUM - A psych patient returns to the outside world for the first time in years. ZOMBIE CHICKS - Two young women strategize over what to do when a zombie invades their home. TEXTING KANDACE - A babysitter begins receiving ominous texts. THE GHOST OF RANDALL BOWERS - Things turn all too real for two Youtubers hoaxing a haunted house story. CRIMSON - Four sorority sisters find themselves in the middle of a vampire royale. THE WANDERER - Two women returning from a funeral pick up a hitchhiker who knows way too much about their life history.