Pass The Mic!
From Richard Montes (Director, Producer) the acclaimed Hip Hop documentary film about the music industry; Pass The Mic! was rated #1 in Vibe Magazine, distributed on home video by Image Entertainment, screened for the American Film Institute's music documentary series as well as film festivals around the world, used in many College Curriculum to learn about the history of Latino Hip Hop, and currently placed in Stanford University's Global Hip Hop Archives. "A Very Good Movie" and Pass The Mic! is "The Real Deal". --Damien McCaffery, Associate Editor, VIBE Magazine “Pass The Mic! should be watched by anyone who wants to purse music.” --Doug Burnell, Film Threat Magazine “...a bigger story about the darker side of the music industry..." --Stephanie Holmes, The Monitor Newspaper, McAllen Texas “After watching Pass, true rap fans will respect all of hip-hop’s architects.” —Imani Dawson, Source Magazine “A Strong righteous documentary” --Dusty Groove America Webzine “Pass The Mic! has heart." –Wes Woods, Campus Circle Magazine ”...the greatest documentary on the importance of Latino-a talent in the history of Hip Hop in the US." -Alucine Film Fest Press Release “The film’s tagline is “Finally, Their Stories are Told…” but it should read “Finally, A Latino Film not flooded with stereotypes…” —LatinoLa.Com