Shining Brass Book 1 (Grade 1-3) + CD – Tuba | Paleta dos Sons
Brand new repertoire to support the lower brass instruments in their ABRSM graded music exams. Shining Brass is a collection of newly-commissioned repertoire from eight brass composers, to support new syllabuses for French Horn, Eb Horn, Baritone, Euphonium and Tuba. This repertoire can also be used for other brass instruments in Bb, Eb, F transpositions, and trombone. The parts include: - Generic solo line in treble clef and bass clef (concert pitch) CDs with exemplar performances of all pieces shared across various instruments Backing tracks for all pieces in 3 versions to cater for all keys. Separate piano accompaniments can be bought in three versions to cater for Bb, Eb, and F transposing instruments, and trombone. 18 pieces for brass, grade 1-3 Editor: ABRSM Ref: 097-94404