#NWChurch monthly subscription
NW from anywhere!! With your #NWChurch subscription, you'll get access to the hour-long, Signature NW™ Method class taught by Nicole Winhoffer in New York every Sunday. You'll be right in the studio sweatin, workin and feelin alongside Nicole. Every Sunday a new video is released. You can stream the class 24/7 for unlimited views. Each video stays up for two weeks before it disappears, so you'll always have access to two fresh videos at a time. We also now have four base videos that will stay in your library. Trust your intuition in terms of programming and when to switch up your routine and try a new video. Stream #NWCHURCH anywhere and any time! This Signature class was developed by Nicole to train numerous celebrities and pop stars for their multi-hour performances. This class is part toning and part dance-cardio. We tone to the hottest tracks and work all our curves. You'll feel muscles you didn't even know you have. Then we release it all with a few killer dance routines. You finish feeling high. We are providing you with a raw, unedited glimpse into the true NYC class experience. Nicole keeps vocal cues to a minimum because the NW Method focuses on clients sharpening their instincts and developing their inner knowledge of their body while training. We don't simplify our products because we believe you have the widows to get the results you desire. We don't call it "NWChurch" for nothing. See you in class! 💞