Never Get Tired: The Bomb the Music Industry! Story
Embodying the DIY ethos, New York punk band Bomb the Music Industry! managed to sustain ten years of recording, touring, and building a worldwide fan base, all without a record label, album sales, or traditional commerce of any kind. Jeff Rosenstock founded Bomb the Music Industry! on the belief that music should be accessible to everyone, so the band gives away their albums for free and caps ticket prices at ten dollars. It’s not often that a band gets to hold onto its principles in the music industry, so the solution, for Rosenstock, was to avoid the industry completely. So far he’s been successful, but how does one sustain a band, let alone a life, while categorically rejecting conventional notions of success? Never Get Tired follows Rosenstock and crew around the world, engaging with fans and discovering what drives bands like Bomb, and what they mean to their community.