NAFE Subscription
Subscribe today to the National Association for Entrepreneurs, LLC. 1) With every subscription we promote your business card ad at one local ad-based restaurant menu Jax, FL.] (Empowering our youth for business ads). 2) Receive business PREMIUM for 3-months. Includes counseling for creating 5-10 second video creation for your business each month [must request]. Other premium services not included. 3) Discounted print and web-design services plus discounted copies. Discounted joint print advertisement with each public Seminar and events. Seminars are held 2 to 4 times a year with 15 to 60 attendees per public event. Management fee is: $39 a month. To rent ads, photo or video design, please see rent or buy ads links or call (844) 999-6233 ext.801. 3) With membership you'll receive one phone extension online mailbox. Send up to four online faxes a month. $1.00 per additional fax per line thereafter. Alumni groups must take certification tests and provide proof to be recognized as a NAFE Alumni member or as a respected graduate of such fields as medical, trade specific in proper states, or specialty craft and design capabilities. If you are not licensed you will be required to present "not licensed" at all venues, vendor stations and on advertisement provided by the National Association for Entrepreneurs, LLC. NAFE MEMBERS can promote their business in our rewards advertisement and offer discounts to customers. REWARDS PROGRAMS: NAFE REWARDS dba ERWARD Spend $39 a month and receive 10-85% on most prescriptions and related services listed above (1.) REWARD DETAILS AND MEMBER COMMISSION 1. Discounts are automatically given by showing or mentioning the reward’s program through confirmed text. 2. You can also receive 10% off from bookstores, local venues, NAFE partners, and/or meal deals when you donate to one of our associates. This is a EREWARD community group project. 3. For active enrollees of $39 or more each active referring member receives a $9 commission each month on active accounts. Active accounts are paid accounts. For annual subscriptions the commission will be adjusted for 9x12=$108 payout. Commissions are valid for one year only. 4. Payout is essential per referral at one tier only. NAFE will not pay commissions for inactive members or member referrals that are inactive. We do not pay back pay for inactive months. TERMS & CONDITIONS See official stamp or confirmed text for expiration dates. Normally most promotions expires 60 days after receiving reward, gift, or stamps. Some rewards can expire as soon as 1 to 7 days, depending on the company or group offering such discounts. Stamps and rewards cannot be exchanged, refunded, replaced or redeemed for cash. 6. Cards [stamps, text gifts, discounts] are non-transferable and cannot be combined with other cards or gifts. 7. The Company reserve the right of final decisions in case of any disputes. The National Association for Entrepreneurs, LLC. / The Learning Center Church, Inc. and NAFE-dba-EOYFB [Empowering our youth for business] , restaurant or online affiliate partners are not responsible for associate businesses discount programs, expiration terms, discontinued services, or payout procedures. Please see individual business for program details. All sales are final. If you're looking for a member service please click on the member link found at the bottom of this page. NAFE dba EOYFB