How to create a well structured mood board
HOW TO CREATE A MOOD BOARD THAT GIVES YOU CLARITY IN ANY CREATIVE PROCESS! Do you love moodboarding but have never thought about applying certain techniques in an efficient way to get your message across? This video course is for you if: – you want to learn how to get a simple and beautiful message through your mood board – you want to get clarity in a creative process and organize your ideas in a visual way Clarity comes from engagement and action. And putting a mood board together will help you focus down to the main elements so your message stays simple but straight to the point. This extensive course contains 19 video clips and a bonus video including: – a 3 steps program to plan, execute and follow-up on your mood board – 8 techniques to create a well structured mood board you probably have never thought of before – a life moodboarding session – tips & tricks and loads of visual inspiration Moodboarding is a great and often underestimated tool for any creative project. Let´s sum up some thoughts on how you can benefit by creating you own mood boards. If you are multi passionate having many ideas floating around, it's a great way to help you focus down, get clarity and commit to the design process itself. You will safe a lot of time (and money) when working on a project, starting pinning down your inspirations in a structured way right from the beginning. Misunderstandings between you and your client are drastically reduced when working together on a mood board where concepts are stated in a very visual way. Moodboarding is an ongoing process being flexible and can be modified at any stage. Mood boards are a great possibility to express yourself creatively. You don´t have to be a designer neither an artist. Everyone can learn this technique. Your mood boards are personal, therefore authentic, and they help you to stand out. You can stream and/or download all videos anytime and as often as you like. Have a great time. Gudy