Little Green Radicals in Autumn - Meet the Wildes
Autumn has come. It settled gently about us, one falling leaf and then two, the world turning from green to russet so gently that I almost didn’t notice the change at all. The cold crept beneath the duvet, wrapping itself around my toes. One blanket no longer seems enough. And it is strange, because wasn’t it just the other day that I lay awake past midnight, too huge and too hot to sleep? My little girls were summer treasures; where has the summer gone? And yet they are smiling, cooing and almost laughing. They are little people with big personalities, preferences. Without us even noticing, the newborn phase has passed. Summer is gone, and it has left us these perfect little girls. The other day I was reorganising my book shelves, which is something that you do when your other half orders you to be tidier but you don’t actually… View Post